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You murmured a quick thank you to the librarian before grabbing the heavy book and heading out of the library into chilly November evening. You walked down the busy streets of central London and could see that most shops were offering discounts on party products
and fireworks. The reason for this was because tonight was a historical event which was celebrated across the UK which is known as Guy Fawkes or Bonfire night. Excitement coursed through your body a as you were invited to a little get together at the Kirklands."Hm, I wonder what type of party food they are going to serve", you whispered to yourself. You continued to think about the tonight's party when your trail of thoughts came to a halt, a strong winds began to pick up.You clutched on to your coat for warmth but alas it was all in vain, you could feel the icy wind pierce skin causing your to shiver.
You ran down the quite street towards your front door.

Quickly shutting your front door, you slipped off your coat and shoes before turning on the radiator to warm up the house. Feeling a little faint from today's studies you rubbed your empty  stomach, you have not eaten anything other than the apple crumble you had this morning. Tying your (h/c) hair into a messy bun you walked into the small kitchen of your
apartment to make your self some snacks. After you sat down in front of the TV to catch up with some of your favourite British drama.

An hour passed since when your mobile phone began to ring, at first you were not bothered to pick it up but the phone continued to ring giving you no option but to press the dial button. You let out an irritated sigh and placed the phone your ear. "Hello" you snapped at the person on the other side of the phone line. " Woah,______, it me" squeaked  an accented voice. It took you a few second to realise who the voice belong to, " Oh, hi Bella, heh, sorry for snapping at you" you said in an apologetic voice, " Anyway, why did you call?". you paused for an answer. However there was non-giving instead the was a growl, " _____, what do you mean why did you call-the party, remember the
party?" Bella said harshly. Your (e/c) eyes flickered towards the clock, it read quarter till 7, that was when the party started and you were not ready. You cursed under your breath an bid your fer-wells to Bella before racing upstairs.

You did not have enough time to shower and ran into your bedroom" What shall I wear, what shall I wear?" you whispered in frustration  while rampaging through you closet. A small smile played on you lips when you found a cute outfit that you had not worn yet. It consisted of a vintage red plaid dress, black tights  and red ballet flats and to top the outfit of you a little red ribbon of your her.You grabbed you coat and bag before running out of your house, destination being the party.

The party was located in the garden of the Kirkland household, which was large enough to hold more the 100 people, not only that, but it was looked after and decorated with the finest gardening furnitures and exotic flowers. As you got closer to the main gate you could hear the cacophony of voices coming from the guests. Muffled foot steps approached from behind you. " ______, you're finally here!", you turned to see your best friend Bella standing there with a glass if champagne in her hand. " Well are you going to stand there and watch the get or join the party?", before you could answer she dragged your into a crowd of people, her green eyes glinting with excitement.

What seamed like hours of socialising, with a small smile you pulled away from the crowd to seek something new to do. Your eyes scanned the different types of food that lay on the table, so far all of the food looked appetizing however there was one that stood out the most.

Sitting on a white plate was crimson apples glazed with toffee -which glimmered under
the bright light-on sticks. Your mouth began to water at the sight, your fingers itched to snatch it off the plate. Wasting no time you made your way through the sea of people, muttering a few 'sorry' and 'thank you' on the way.

Once you grabbed the stick and brought the food to your mouth, it felt as if the entire world slowed down. Childhood memorise rushed into your mind, evenings where your mother would make the lovely treat after a long day spending with Arthur hunting mystical creatures. . . Arthur. Your cheeks were dusted in pink at the thought of your childhood crush. Quickly shaking the your head ridding the thoughts and bit into the apple wanting to relieve the nostalgic feeling.

"I see you're enjoying the apples, made them myself, you see~" a voice sang near you. Your whole body tensed knowing who it belonged to, what you did not want was any one to see you eating like a pig and embarrassed by this. The food struggled to slide down your throat. A hand softly gripped onto your shoulder and turned you around.

" H-Hi Arthur, Heh, What a pleasant surprise to see you" you said tripping on your words,
Arthur only gave you a weird look before changing the subject,

" How is the party food?", you could see the eagerness in his emerald eyes when he was asking the question. You giggled understanding that his brother-in-law, Alfred and his colleague, Francis would criticise his cooking, shyly patting his head you answered in true honesty, "It's perfect"

You could see relief wash over his face like weight being lifted off his shoulders, the corners of his mouth lifted up to forma smile, one which you found cute.

During the time you and Arthur spend time standing near the food table, a few stories and jokes were shared. From the corner of your eye you could see a group of people getting together at the centre of the garden, " Arthur I believe the firework display is going to start." you said pointing at the guests. "Do you want to stand at the front?" you continued eyeing the men setting up the rockets. No answer was given, turning around you found Arthur was not there.

Spending 5 minutes looking for him when, you spotted him heading towards you with two sparklers in his hand, " Sorry for disappearing, ________, do you want to make your way to the front?". You nodded your head enthusiastically .

During the walk towards the destination, Arthur intertwined his hand with yours. The sudden contact made butterflies erupt in your stomach, heat began to rise to your face. Although you had a crush on him as minutes ticked by the atmosphere around the two of you got a bit awkward. You cleared your throat awkwardly "Eh. . .Arthur?" you looked down at both of your hands indicating you wanted him to release it. Arthur only let out a nervous laugh before releasing your hand, both your  attention were drawn when the crowd began to count down for the display.

" 5. . 4. . 3. . 2. . 1!"

Rockets shot up into the sky with a shriek before letting out a deafening bang. Multicoloured balls of fire scattered in all  directions illuminating the dark sky. You stared up at the display in awe and amazement, the spectacular show making you feel like a child.

* * *

All good things come to an end and very soon guests were bidding good bye to friends and family , leaving with an expression of enjoyment.

You were still standing, catching up with some of your old secondary school friends, Arthur stood at the side waiting for you to finish of your conversation.

"__-_____" , you hummed in response letting him know your attention was on him,

"Well, thank you for attending the party and good night" He spoke in a hasty matter and grabbed your hand, pushing in a small note before running off.

You stood there with a tilting your head in a confusion, slowly you opened up and read what he wrote which you squeal in joy while your heart skip a beat.

_____, meet me at the local park
tomorrow at ten to have a little
picnic, don't to be late.


' Finally, a date with Arthur Kirkland' you thought, with beaming smile plastered on you face. To you, the night ended with a perfect twist with that you exited the garden skipping into the city lights.
I feel as if I have rushed the story.

This one-shot is for GydroZMaa's contest.

I chose toffee glazed apples on stick because not only are they my favourite treat, they are a traditional dish for Bone Fire Night. My grand mother would always make these and my friend would always come around just to have a bit of them.

*Hetalia characters belong to Hedikez Himaruya
*Plot belongs to me
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Tokyo128 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
ahh so sweet I just loooooved it i wish u could write more one shots :D
Rusinka121 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
I would love to write more one shots more however I don't have enough the time to sit down and do it.
MaNgApAsSiOnFrUiT Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I <3 bonfire night

I really enjoyed this :3
Rusinka121 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Well, it is really nice to hear when people enjoy reading my work.
GydroZMaa Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is sweet~ I've never heard of this event so I'm guessing it's something not celebrated in the U.S. (Excuse my ignorance.) Thank you for sharing this!
Rusinka121 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
I don't think it is celebrated any where else in the world, only in England.
hetafan123 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
:iconmoarplz: :iconnaoplz: PLZ~!
Glaceon400 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
part 2 please
Rusinka121 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Part two? This is suppose to be a one-shot.
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